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Natalie & Joe @ Bolton Abbey...

Saturday 23rd June was the turn of Natalie & Joe, a couple who work and live in London. We had been in planning for what seemed to be ages but BOY was it worth it all :)

With how the planning and brainstorming was moving along in the early days of booking us I knew that it would be a one wedding week, so booked the whole week out to our lovely couple.

Although many weekends we do more than one wedding it all depends on our first bride that books us for their date and I can make the call if we have time to create more weddings that weekend as we would just not survive on doing one wedding per week !!!

So it started, the flowers came over from Holland , all 2600 stems !!! foliage in abundance as you will see as you peek through this blog post just what we created :)

The oasis, pots, tape, pins, wires, string, paper bags, wood slices, candles, batteries crates, wood structures, ladders, hoop, archway .... believe me there is a lot to sort on a wedding of this size !

Riverside @ Bolton Abbey

The start of the set up, all the dry materials went over on the day before to help with timing and heat !!! As you can see not 1 cloud was in the sky and the beautiful marquee was blazing hot at 10am >.<


Back to the studio to start on the fresh floral's and back to the lovely air controlled room where the beautiful flowers and foliage's awaited to be played with lol

As I waded my way through, 6 bridesmaids flower crowns, 6 bridesmaids posies, oooodles of button holes, a huge brides BQ and half flower crown on Friday I started to wonder.... Do many folks really know how long it takes to design and create flowers, well I can tell you I finished at midnight on these alone :)

I had been creating the 14 table designs through Wednesday to Thursday and the finishing touches would be done Saturday morning/afternoon on site at the marquee.

As you can see from the images, there was a lot involved, blood sweat and tears were shed but such a wealth of pride and achievement that we had smashed our bride and grooms vision and knocked it out of the park, we styled their beautiful day beyond their dreams :)

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